the realist


the realist

Life is short.
This is true.
So there’s nothing
I will do.

With little time I
can’t do a lot.
It’s better to do
absolutely naught.

Every day
I consider my choices.
“But what’s the point?”
-My inner voices.

“Try your best,
you may succeed.
You also may fail.”
This I heed.

And so I sit here
on my sofa.
A good for nothing
lazy loafer.

I am proud of
my lack of action.
I don’t lose any

I don’t try,
and I won’t soon.
I live on Earth.
Why shoot for the Moon?

In life you can
try your best.
Not give up
like all the rest.

And over time
you’ll reach your dream.
But at what cost?
For how much steam?

No, it’s better
to give up now.
So, you’ll never
wonder how

your life went by
so very fast,
striving for
that very last

wish of yours
you couldn’t shake,
all your time
it did take.